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Latest news on Haven House

This note is by way of a general update on where we believe things stand at the moment regarding Haven House.

First of all, as many of you will know, thieves took a considerable amount of lead from the roof on the night of 2 - 3 November. Hampshire County Council (HCC) started work on 13 November to repair it and the scaffolding is still in place. We have requested information as to any damage to the loft and walls inside but have as yet had no response from HCC.

Secondly, as those of you who follow the Facebook page Save Our Haven Centre! will know, Savills, the estate agents marketing Haven House, have invited 'best bids' for the freehold of Haven House by Friday 1 December. HCC have confirmed that THCH does not need to submit any further information: our business plan submitted in June together with our cash offer submitted in September, our detailed (repeated) description of the community benefits which would come from THCH running it as a community hub, plus our detailed fund-raising plan sent on 3 November, will suffice.

We do not know if Savills have received any offers yet, but we note with interest the very recent appearance of a For Sale sign on the wall of Haven House. It seems that perhaps they feel the need to stimulate further interest.... With thanks to our friends in Hill Head Sailing Club, we have replaced our Save Our Haven Centre banners on their fence, to reinforce the point that local people do not want the building sold!

We have not been told the timescale for decisions to be made, but we have noted that on 15 January 2024 there is a meeting in the morning of the Select Committee for Universal Services and in the afternoon the Executive Member's Decision Day - that is Councillors Nick Adams-King and Russell Oppenheimer.

Many of you have kindly asked us if there is anything more you can do to help and the answer is that it would be a good time to remind Councillor Oppenheimer and his colleagues of the importance to the local community and to the nature reserve of Haven House re-opening as Titchfield Haven Community Hub. The email addresses are, and – the Leader of HCC - Assuming the assessment of bids takes place before Christmas and the report is written for the 15 January committees early in the new year, now is the time to remind them of the strength of public opinion!

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