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Meeting 17 April Q & A

Q1: If/when HCC sell the warden’s cottage (Haven Cottage), what happens to the money/proceeds

A1: Warden’s cottage has been put on the market with a "Sold subject to contract" sign currently being displayed. Expected that the net proceeds will go to whoever will be running the nature reserve (hopefully Hampshire & IoW Wildlife Trust)


Q2: Many activities have been outlined/suggested for the proposed THCH. How will these activities be administered/coordinated?

A2: A part-time administrator will be required together with volunteers as with previous running of Haven House


Q3: Both individuals and companies/organisations can be members of the THCH. Will companies/organisations have just one vote?

A3: Yes


Q4: A number of potential activities have been outlined for the THCH in the presentation. Will these activities conflict with existing interest groups already established in the area?

A4: These are just ideas at the moment with many of them put forward through the questionnaire. The intention will not be to create conflict and there will be conversations with other interest groups.


Q5: We have a concern about attracting good caterers?

A6: Expecting to have good quality caterers. Currently there are 2 companies that have expressed interest, one local, one which would like to set-up in the area. Both companies deliver high quality food/service in keeping with the standards set by Haven House. Should THCH succeed with acquisition of Haven House, further caterers would be invited into the tendering process.


Q6: Is there a significance in using the word cafe rather than say "restaurant" or "bar" or......? There is a terrace at the top that could be utilised!

A6: There is no significance. It is likely even if called a cafe, the premises will have an alcohol licence. In general cafes make more money than say "just” a restaurant serving £30-£50 a head meals. All will become clear during caterer bidding process.


Q7: Will the terrace at the top be available for activities/events?

A7: Part of the terrace will need to be sectioned off for one of the flats. Whether the remaining area of the terrace can be used for events/community in general will need to be down to a few considerations 1) can it take the loading of many people 2) whether the surface is durable enough for significant footfall 3) Health & Safety


Q8: Will there be disabled access?

A7: Yes


Q9: Will there be adequate parking for disabled, groups and in general

A9: Currently not known how much car parking will be available at the back of Haven House. However, there should be some disabled parking there. There is disabled and paid car parking by the sailing club and on Meon Shore as before/currently. For activities/events in the evening car parking in paid parking areas is currently free. For others, if prepared to walk a little further there is free parking.


Q10: If HCC gives the "go ahead" in long until the THCH will be "up & running"?

A10: Opening up THCH will take time. Once HCC has received our proposal/business case in June, they will need to review it and their finance, legal and estates teams will be involved. Even if our proposal is accepted by HCC, it may have to go to the secretary of state for sign-off if the deal involves a transfer to us which is not at market value (which we very much hope it will!). Once final approval has been received, any participating partners (e.g. caterers, builders etc) will need to submit bids/quotes for their respective areas of engagement....all this will, regrettably, take some months


Q11: Would previous volunteers and paid employees whose service was terminated be offered jobs/roles with the new THCH?

A11: The volunteers who kindly maintained the gardens will be very welcome to return. Whoever is selected to provide the catering service will need to recruit all staff and we will encourage them to recruit locally, particularly from staff who know Haven House and have such relevant experience.


Q12: Can the business plan and potential building visual/structural plan be viewed by the public?

A12; Visual plans for the flats will be on the planning part of Fareham BC website, probably from next Monday. A summary of the business plan will be available/incorporated in the Prospectus for Community Shares (following sign-off from an accountant). Please note, anything related to the business plan currently must be approved by HCC before being added to the website. This is because certain information has been shared by HCC under a confidentiality agreement relating to current financials for the operations of Haven House. In the future, THCH will operate on the guiding principle of "Transparency"


Q13: In a worst case scenario and HCC do not accept the THCH proposal and the property is put on the market, would there be an attempt to raise money to buy it?

A13: Purchase of Haven House would require a significant amount of money so any decisions on this action would be made at a later time.


Q14: Would space be made available for the young wildlife explorers?

A14: If Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust move ahead with the proposals/bid, THCH will have a conversation with them regarding an education facility


Q15: How will a decision be considered/made if the open market value of Haven House is higher than the THCH proposal?

A15: There are many elements that would need to be considered when making a decision including those that are not just about money e.g. value to the community (this is not just about "bricks 'n' mortar"). Given that HCC wants to remove or mitigate its liabilities for the reserve and Haven House, other financial considerations could be 1) Net Present Value (NPV) over 25 yrs may look better with THCH proposal than alternatives 2) there is an on-going deficit with the reserve, so a "sell-off" of Haven House alone does not mitigate its liabilities whereas a Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust/ THCH partnership would.

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