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Meeting 27 March Q & A

• Lottery funding and other grants funds are being explored

• Discussions are in hand with FBC for a possible annual car parking pass arrangement for guests in the proposed holiday flats – accepting that on-site parking is at a premium.

• The website will shortly display details about membership and headlines about work in hand – including the presentation to this meeting and notes of issues arising. A further meeting to support those who were not able to attend the meeting on the 27 March is being considered. Post meeting note: 7.30pm Monday 17 April at Holy Rood church Stubbington.

• In relation to what HCC may aim to achieve through the discussions with the partnership of THCH and HIWWT – it is envisaged that HCC must be confident that the Visitor Centre and the wildlife areas can be maintained in good order and managed properly in the long term and that no continuing liabilities will fall to HCC. This must include obligations to protect The Haven and surrounding area wildlife habitat

• Should an agreement not be reached with HCC it is envisaged that Haven House will be sold. It is thought that any future application to demolish and redevelop the site for residential use would not be viewed favourably as the building is within a designated countryside area. The potential for the existing building to be redeveloped for alternative uses, including residential use, is a more open issue. Haven House is not a listed building

• It is envisaged some investment will be needed to carry out repairs and improvements to Haven House and to upgrade/adapt the first floor to be suitable for two holiday flats. Future management and lettings will be managed by a commercial partner on some form of profit sharing basis.

• It is envisaged that there will be opportunities for volunteers to be involved in some activities within the centre and the grounds, The Wildlife Trust has an active volunteer programme

• It is envisaged that the café will be run by an external organisation under some form of profit sharing contract.

• Cllr Woodward thanked all those involved in developing future options for the Haven Centre to reopen alongside a secure future for the wildlife areas and confirmed that FBC will continue to assist those discussions with HCC and in seeking both national and locally funded rate support relief

• The potential future working relationship between the THCH Hub and HIWWT is under discussion and both are developing business plans to meet the requirements of their trustees. There may be potential for some cost and profit sharing.

• Work with schools, colleges and universities and local groups will continue and the potential to expand this is being explored – potentially with some areas being led by HIWWT

• Further details about Membership, donations and any offer of Community Shares will be made available on the website as these issues are resolved. Please do express interest via the paper questionnaire.

• The best option for the future of both THNNR and the visitor centre is for a transfer to the partnership of THCH and HIWWT – there may be options for HCC to retain management of THNNR, but finding a viable solution which achieved the acquisition and management of Haven House by THCH would be far more challenging.

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