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Our Final Bid to HCC

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Attached is the final bid we have made today to HCC for the purchase of Haven House. We believe our bid is wholly logical and it has the benefits of:

·enabling HCC to achieve its capital target for funding repairs and improvements to the Reserve;

·increasing visitor and member numbers to the Reserve and therefore boosting HCC's revenue receipts;

·allowing for a swifter conclusion to the purchase compared to other buyers, given THCH's position regarding planning consent and the condition survey

Above all, it has the benefit of enabling HCC to recognise the true community benefit to so many people of this building in its unique position.

You will see that a few figures have had to be 'redacted' as they were given to us in confidence but hopefully it will all make sense to you! Let us hope it makes equal sense to HCC....

Should you wish to add your encouragement to the key councillors in HCC, do write to them:

Revised submission to HCC V4 Redacted version[11837]
Download PDF • 191KB

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