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Thank you - and we need you on Monday!

First of all - thank you so much for your pledges of funding via community shares and donations. We have been overwhelmed by the response to our email this week. In four days we have so far heard from 199 people who have pledged £203,295 and more emails are coming into the inbox every hour! You may recall we needed to demonstrate to HCC that we could raise the £189,000 required to 'match fund' the Community Ownership Fund grant, so as to undertake the repairs to Haven House and the refurbishment and equipping of the holiday flats. As with so many of HCC's assertions in their report for Monday's meetings, local people have been able to show how wrong they are!

Secondly, a reminder that the two crucial meetings will take place on Monday. The morning meeting is 'in-person' and members of the public may attend, whilst the afternoon one is by video.

The details of the morning meeting are:

  • When: 10 am on Monday, 31 July 2023

  • Where: Ashburton Hall, The Castle, Winchester SO23 8TG

  • HCC’s Universal Services Select Committee will be considering a report from officers recommending rejection of THCH’s bid for Haven House.

This is a do or die moment for the campaign: Pamela Charlwood will be making a deputation to the committee, to persuade them to recommend to the Executive Member making the decision, Cllr Oppenheimer, either that HCC accept our bid, or press pause and agree to have proper discussions with us about our bid before a final decision is made. A deputation will also be made by Cllr Pal Hayre and Dame Caroline Dinenage MP. If you are free on Monday morning please consider attending the meeting to support these final efforts to stop Haven House being sold for development. As those who are familiar with Winchester will know, it is important to allow time for parking if you are travelling by car. The decision making meeting - the Executive Member's Decision Day - is at 3pm and only accessible by video. Thirdly, BBC South have latched onto the fact that there is a debate going on and there should be coverage on Monday evening. We are very grateful to our colleague Tracey Viney who has agreed to meet them at Haven House on Monday morning while others of us are in Winchester! We will write again following Monday's meetings.

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