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Timing for HCC decision on Haven House

Dear Supporters

HCC have confirmed that a report on our bid and the ‘best bids’ submitted via Savills will be considered by Cllrs Adams-King and Oppenheimer at their Decision Day on 21 December 2023, when a decision will be made, without further scrutiny by a Select Committee.

Although we offered to meet with HCC to go over the detail of our final bid they have declined. However, they have confirmed that they have taken the social value of our bid into consideration in their assessment of the bids, which of course is what sets our bid apart from any solely monetary bid.

The Decision Day meeting is on-line and deputations are allowed. However, HCC have classified the report as confidential, and have said that it will be considered in private session. We feel this means that viewing the meeting and making a deputation is pointless.  Some of you, having seen Lynne's Facebook post earlier today, have asked if you should write to the councillors before next Thursday's meeting: we assume that the confidential report will be written by now and since the only two people who need to be persuaded are Councillors Adams King and Oppenheimer, we honestly do not think there is any point in sending further emails to them - they will have undoubtedly made up their minds by now.  As Lynne has said in her Facebook post 'the die is cast' - whatever it is!

Despite HCC making the decision in private, the price paid for Haven House will be a matter of public record once registration of the sale is completed at HM Land Registry. If THCH’s bid is not successful, we will make sure this is made public.

So now we wait…

We will of course let you know the outcome as soon as we hear.

With all good wishes

Pamela Charlwood                Lynne Murray                       Caroline Herbert

Trustees THCH

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